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About us

Streetrunner Carrot

Getting Products to People

Streetrunner exists to support the local community around Portobello and Golborne, West London. We get products to people, from fresh fruit and vegetables to popular essentials and general household items.

Launched in 2021, the new platform aims to support independent traders with additional ways of reaching customers. As a not-for-profit organisation, Streetrunner reinvests funds into the operation.

Why Streetrunner?

Streetrunner is a service that’s kind to our traders, economy and environment.

  • Traders Our vision is to provide services for shoppers with comparatively small fees for traders.
  • Economy We help keep local independent traders busy with a 24/7 online service.
  • Environment Our deliveries by foot or cycle maintain a low carbon footprint.


Streetrunner maintains a low carbon footprint, unlike the majority of delivery companies.

Deliveries Made18
Distance Covered (km)39
Co2 Saved (ppm)7277
Calories Used (cal)444

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